Musings: Raga Deepak for Diwali


Wishing You a HAPPY DEEPAVALI  I bring you Raag Deepak, during this festive occassion.

Shahida Parveen – Poet says “My love is like Raag Deepak”

Every one who is familiar with Saigal, Bollywood’s crowning play back singer in the 1930’s would be aware of the age old classic “Diya Jalao” which was set in Raag Deepak. Shahida Parveen sings the Ghazal “Deepak Raag Hai Chahath Apni” with her gripping voice she is convincing in her attempt to instill in a listener’s mind the truly special nature of Raag Deepak as envisaged by the poet who  compares the intensity of his love to Raag Deepak. This song itself is set to another raag Darbari.

Listen to Shankar Mahadevan singing a rare classical song based on Raag Deepak from the Movie Gajgamini below which correctly captures the essence of this Raga.Shankar Mahadevan – Raag Deepak

Raag Deepak is said to have been composed by Mia Tansen however there are very few recordings of this raga available from today’s prominant maestros. While this raag has been referred to in Love poems such as the ghazal above it also features in many ancient paintings showing its popularity during past  one such painting can be seen at the site

of Raag Deepak One other painting that comes to mind which is yet another masterpiece in the South of India is the painting depicting the lady with lamp. Surely the burning of the lamp is the very essence of light and Diwali. Hence I bring you one of Ravi Verma’s master piece.

I leave you with the music of Shujaat Khan on sitar, son of Vilayath Khan saheb. Keep listening to the track, Shujaat Khan stops to sing the notes of this wonderful bandish and then continues to play.

Shujaat Khan Plays Deepak on Sitar

Raag Deepak by Jha Saheb in Rajan Parrikar’s commentary at the site below gives a good explanation of the raga however without reference to any authority other than Jha Saheb himself. Makes for an interesting read and sums it all up.

Rajan Parrikaar Commentaries

There are no ragas in Carnatic Music that resemble Raag Deepak.


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